Love letter from the flip side

Hello friends and readers.

I have taken a break for a couple of months from this blog, but today feels like a beautiful day to return. I was initially charmed and seduced by the allure and novelty of a shiny brand new blog; Like a new relationship, everything tasted delicious and full of possibilities. However, there is a modern condition that afflicts all of us at times, if we let it: the exhaustion of daily documenting your life, and the irony of missing out on it while you are documenting it. Social media exhaustion.

Truthfully, this is the ultimate life irony. Every experience I have, I must document so I can remember in the future and that everyone sees how cool my life is, but this experience didn’t fully happen since I was too busy documenting it. Did anyone ever think this would be a problem? Journaling has been a popular hobby for decades, valuable in helping us reflect on our thoughts and life experiences. But the modern necessity to validate our lives by documenting all our experiences is a problem from this decade. We get anxiety if we didn’t share it and post it with flare, we failed at the social media game. Let’s all be exposed and social and famous among all the friends that we can’t keep up with. Let’s not miss out on sharing our lives with loved ones and strangers. Please, everyone tell me if my life is valid or interesting enough to make your social feed. The number of followers is so important that it can be monetized. Your college degree? Often worthless. Having 100 thousand followers? Impressive. The modern way of saying “your life is relevant”.

This concept explored is comparable to a love-hate relationship with yourself. To those people who take breaks from social media, we say “wow, good for you”. I get the same reaction when I tell people I don’t smoke cigarettes. They say “wow, yeah I need to quit, never start smoking”. But people will never quit anything unless they WANT to do it. And the amount of likes and comments gives people the shoot of dopamine to the vein. People don’t want to quit. Feels good, like booze, like cake, like cigarettes. Even bad comments give us a high, we feel challenged and compelled to attack. We matter, we are seen among millions of others. Our lives are justified. Sheesh, world… Give me more.

Ok, I’m done with my “we are all damned addicts of some sort” rant. But I do recommend a break from social media exposure to cleanse the soul every other full moon. Let’s remember to stop taking ourselves so seriously and enjoy the experiences everyone is so diligently documenting. It’s good for the heart and soul. The internet will understand ❤️🎶

I wanted to come back and write some posts for mutual entertainment, because what is tragedy if not an opportunity for comedy. So stay tuned, I’m back.

See you next time 💋💋,


Here is a picture of my cat, who doesn’t give a damn about social media or anything really haha. And always looks fabulous. When I grow up I want to be a cat… 🐈❤️

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