I want a day with normal people.

What is the meaning of a normal person? Have you ever heard about someone who is so normal that they can’t be trusted? “He is so normal, it’s weird”. Almost as if everyone imagines that every person likes to get freaky secretly at home, for the sake of having some humanity, of course. Here is the definition of normal people: perfectly predictable, following the exact same routine every day, well behaved at all hours of day and night, with an unbreakable pattern. I don’t believe these people really exist.

However, in the service industry, we always welcome and cherish the days where we only deal with “normal people”. See, we are all guilty of being entitled and not very self-aware at times. It is a concentrated effort to catch yourself and not be impatient or aggressive if prompt and full satisfaction has not immediately been rendered with goods and services. The usual guests at our establishments will be at all times ready to say “The service is terrible, the food is sub-par, the music is inadequate, the lighting is off, the space is awkward, the service is slow, my experience is not up to my expectations!”. Without thinking twice about it. Ignoring all the magic happening around, distracted from the details that make it a pleasurable experience to indulge in spirits and fine cuisine.

A day with normal people looks like this: everyone is human and understanding and NICE. They ask for what they wish, and when they get it, they are satisfied. If it takes an extra minute, they don’t worry about it, they are chill. They are generous, in all aspects of the term. They have an amazing vibe. They are with you, not against you. These are wonderful and extraordinary people. They make it a pleasure to come to work every day.

These are my regulars, my friends, my guests who have experienced the serving side of the industry before. Guests who have common sense, kindness and self-awareness.

I welcome them and feel blessed every time they visit me. And on the other side of the coin, I still try my best. Happiness is contagious after all, and my best days happen when I treat everyone with a smile. But magic also happens when I look at people and in few words say “cut the crap, take a sip”.

Cheers, to all the ones who make our experience a pleasure, and in return inspire us to be our best selves. 🥂

See you next time ❤️

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