Local treasure: PROHIBITION.

The true definition of a pub is a public house, where usually alcoholic beverages are sold and consumed. The more profound meaning is a place of gathering where you can socialize and get closer to your local community. A place to indulge while feeling comfortable and relaxed. Business, creativity, love, therapy. Everything happens naturally at the pub.

My pub of choice in Savannah is Prohibition. Not only are here some of the best bartenders in the city, but they are also close friends. Some of them I have known for over 10 years, like Billy Dugger, owner of Billy’s Botanicals and a gifted mixologist. Extremely knowledgeable without being pretentious, he makes art and craft always with a smile. I have never met anyone who doesn’t love Billy.

Every night starting at 10 pm, the service industry can come in and enjoy a “bartender’s handshake” which is a shot and a beer, or a cocktail, for only $5.

What happens when you find amazing quality of ingredients with exceptionally talented people and affordable deals? Bar heaven. To all my friendly bar patrons and friends, I point to Prohibition.

Which one is your pub? The one that forgives all your angers and troubles, and where all your friends toast another day with you? Leave me a comment below with your thoughts!

Until next time.

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