The heat makes me indulge without restraint

Nobody is attractive in the heat. In an instant, I just washed my hair and brushed it, and it is already glued to my forehead with sweat. Forget makeup, unless I want my face to melt. Sweating in all the most random places, with my dress riding up and getting stuck to my body. Yikes, can you picture how sexy I look? Glamorous Savannah summer. A ghost town, 102-degree inferno. Run away or bitch and sweat, and for me, it looks like bitching and sweating until I fly to the Peruvian winter in August.

I am walking with my love downtown for about 20 minutes, and he proposes a cold treat to forget the heat. As we are passing by, we see Adam Turoni’s Chocolate shop.

His chocolates are so good they should be illegal. Such care and luxury, you will need a separate savings account to afford this treat regularly. Worth it? Yes to me, I’m a sucker for boutique chocolates and pastries. A little luxury never hurts.

We decide to share a chocolate ice cream pop, the experience is rich and luxurious. The pop is petite yet powerful, and Oisin rushes to treat me, seeing me reaching for my wallet. First, our eyes widen at the $9 price tag for such a petite ice cream pop. But he has been with me for 7 years and has come to agree that you must try and enjoy all the best things, at least once.

I 100000% recommend indulging with Adam Turoni’s chocolates or anything he makes, at least once. It is not just art, it is delicious art. And if I’m melting in the Savannah heat, before I faint of dehydration I want to taste a bit of heaven. Yum.

Until next time. 💋

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