Women Negronis FTW

I love unexpected days off. Everything is a possibility. Almost better than planing the day is to go out and look for adventure, make new friends, drink too many shots of tequila, all the things.

After wondering downtown for a bit with Oisin, we ended up at an all-women bartender competition of negronis. A Negroni is often called a perfect cocktail because of its perfect simplicity ratio.

Recipe for a Classic Negroni: 1 OZ GIN, 1 OZ CAMPARI, 1 OZ SWEET VERMOUTH.

I was intrigued to see the variations of this classic. With many of our friends in the competition, we tasted Antico 1919, Backyard Negroni, Kiss of Venus and 80 cents on a dollar.

I have known Ashley a long time since she was a bartender years ago at The Olde Pink House and we worked together, she is not only talented but always smiling and lovely to be around. Andie I met at this event: Oisin introduced us and we had instant girl crushes and stuck together for the rest of the night.

The fabulous Andie Osby from Cotton and Rye, crafter of the Backyard Negroni.

Ashley and Andie put together such tasty creations. It was hard to pick a winner between us. In a bold move, Mallory with her 80 cents on a Dollar made a Negroni with no Campari. Is this still a negroni under negroni law? It was damn delicious.

In the end, the winner was the lovely Shelly Smith from Tandem, with her Kiss of Venus which tasted like a Chai negroni. Simplicity wins once again. As I said, Negroni is a perfect cocktail of 3 ratios. But I’m a Chai kind of girl, and this Chai negroni was bliss.

I was so excited about all these women and their creativity and empowerment. The raffle was for cocktail books with women as authors, all in the theme of an event full of female magical creativity. The proceeds were donated to a number of charities.

Congrats ladies, and keep crafting amazing cocktails. 🍷❤️ All the love.

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