LOCAL BAR CULTURE: Lone Wolf Lounge in June.

We have the amazing luck to have moved to a fantastic place in Starland district, Savannah. And our neighborhood bar is no other than Lone Wolf Lounge. The wonderful part of it is that we personally know the owners because we have worked with these bartenders the past 10 years, so we have been seeing it in the making.

Sometimes they do bar takeovers and this week was epic. Monday night, one of the Pinkie masters owners and a fantastic bartender from the Andaz put together an amazing menu. We walked over there and indulged…

I found a fantastic Melon drink ❤️

The drinks were outstanding and the Starland vibe was as eclectic as ever. The summer might have killed all restaurants in the downtown district Savannah, but Starland can’t be killed, no matter the heat, no matter the season.

Come check out our friends at Lone Wolf Lounge out for some of the best cocktails in the city. We love our locals 🍹🥂❤️

Cheers friends, keep indulging.

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