A chocolate martini and a whiskey cocktail.

A love story between an Irish and a Peruvian…. this blog is about art and bartending stories, but I’d love to share a bit about my story:

My name is Vanessa, and I’m a Peruvian bartender in Savannah, Georgia. I’m married to this amazing Irish man I met about 9 years ago when I spent my nights awake going thru architecture school. 4 am for me would be 9 am for him, and he would always keep me company.

We started as good friends and had dreams for years about the day we would meet in person. After a couple of years, one night, he decided to have all the drinks and confess his love in a madly romantic gesture. After that, we decided to meet in person and see if our love was just a spell. If love is a spell, I am forever under his enchantment. We are this year 6 years married. He speaks no Spanish (my first language) and I can’t stomach Irish whiskey or any whiskey for that matter… but I can’t imagine my life with a more wonderful man than him. Our love is a mix of a chocolate martini and a whiskey cocktail… It is delicious.

“Breathless, we flung us on a windy hill, Laughed in the sun, and kissed the lovely grass.” – Rupert Brooke

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